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coolux: Shroom Lounge

Digital Advantage
was responsible for the overall installation and system integration at Dehli’s Shroom Lounge. 

The new Shroom Lounge and Nightclub in Delhi offers its customers an extremely stylish clubbing experience, which is made possible through a combination of great design and modern projection technology.



Although it takes many venues a fairly long time to leave their mark in the highly competitive Delhi nightclub scene, Shroom has quickly become a favourite with style conscious trendsetters and celebrities.

Shroom is hosting both internationally acclaimed and homegrown DJ talents to create the right kind of musical ambience. The club’s overall design, which was created by the Mumbai based environmental design studio The Busride, is characterised by a complete lack of edges, making an instant impression and inviting everyone to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. Neither too big nor too small, visitors feel they have come to the right place from the moment they enter the Shroom Lounge.



Digital Advantage was responsible for the overall installation and system integration, with Montie Paul taking care of the coolux programming in particular.

Multiple coolux Pandoras Box Player licenses were used for the beautiful projections which form an integral part of the overall club design. The coolux Pandoras Box Manager was used for warping and controlling the different software systems.

In order to make life easier for the resident VJs, the coolux Widget Designer was used to design a custom made user interface. Additional external VJ systems were connected to the coolux systems to offer extreme flexibility.


Client : Shroom Lounge & Nightclub
Club Design: The Busride, Mumbai
Installation and System Integration: Digital Advantage
coolux Pandoras Box Programming: Montie Paul

Sample Equipment List:
5 x coolux Pandoras Box Version 5 Player LT
1 x coolux Pandoras Box Version 5 Manager LT
1 x coolux Pandoras Box Widget Designer STD
5 x BenQ projectors