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coolux Product Configurator

coolux, the creators of the Pandoras Box product family, added a product configurator to their website.

The configurator leads customers through a series of questions in order to help them determine the perfect product for any given scenario. After answering the product and feature related questions, the configurator automatically generates a PDF with all the necessary information that can be instantly downloaded.



coolux CEO Jan Huewel explains the benefits of such a configurator as follows:

"Since we offer a great variety of Pandoras Box products that share the same interface, we wanted to create a tool that makes it even easier for customers to find the perfect solution for their project ideas. Obviously no product configurator can reflect a customer’s unique requirements with 100% accuracy, but still we think that the configurator puts the power into our customers' own hands to do more in depth research in a quick and easy way.

The new configurator will also help with the knowledge transfer related to our powerful Pandoras Box toolkit. Using the configurator, one intuitively comes to understand the many different uses of our Pandoras Box product family. The feedback we have had so far has been very encouraging indeed."





The coolux product configurator is available in both English and Chinese here and will soon be available in German as well.