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coolux at InfoComm: Awards I

Scharff Weisberg receives a Staged Events Awards at InfoComm 2011. 

At this year’s InfoComm’s Staged Events Awards, Scharff Weisberg received the “Best Overall Staging for a Corporate Industrial Entertainment Event” award for their impressive work on the Robin Hood Foundation Gala. The memorable charity event was realised using coolux Pandoras Box products.

"Transporting their guests to a land of wonder, Scharff Weisberg captured the magic of childhood, creatively emancipating the mind with fantastic visuals and architectural transcendence," observed a judge according to the Lighting and Sound America website. "I really liked the way they [used] 3D mapping and projection [on] architecture from the street to [create] an indoor immersive experience," commented another.


Photo: courtesy of Scharff Weisberg


In addition to this award, it was announced that Scharff Weisberg would also be awarded an Honorable Mention for the Oracle 11g Product Launch at the Guggenheim Museum. "This was an inspiring use of technology and project management finesse in a challenging environment. The Guggenheim should consider adding permanent projection to the walkways!" marveled one judge.


Lars Pedersen, Director of Technology at Scharff Weisberg said the following about the role coolux products played in making challenging projects a successful reality: “The feature set included in the coolux suite of products provides us with the necessary tools to effortlessly manage the increasingly demanding technical requirements of today’s visual experiences. We couldn’t have done it without Pandoras Box!”