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coolux: Complex Installation

Frankfurt Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary making ample use of coolux Pandoras Box products.

On June 25th, Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) celebrated its 75th anniversary in style with the support of two state of the art multimedia installations. EBS Lights GmbH from Limburg in Germany were responsible for overseeing the technical, logistical and artistic realisation of this important corporate anniversary celebration that attracted more than 80.000 visitors. 



LOOP LIGHT was enlisted to co-create and ultimately realise a concept developed in conjunction with EBS Lights CEO Marco Beck. The two installations that were ultimately decided upon made ample use of coolux Pandoras Box products.



The Las Vegas based scenic designer and old time LOOP LIGHT friend Alex Doss added his own brand of design magic to the overall concept that revolved around a 360° cinema and a multimedia “tunnel” structure. The "Vision Airport" walk through experience was situated inside a tent structure and consisted of ten distinct sections, which visitors had to pass through to gain a deeper appreciation of the many facets of the Airport's history.



All content was designed by the LOOP LIGHT team under the supervision of Michael Hantelmann and Matt Finke, who also saw to the produced content being optimised for use as part of a coolux Pandoras Box Server setup.

Timo Weinhold and Philipp Schauer acted as the lead programmers on site. The highly skilled team combined years of experience with similar projects to create a very complex and exciting installation.



The setup process was completed in a mere three days, involving 8 Pandoras Box PRO Servers, 14 Pandoras Box software only Player licenses and four 4 Pandoras Box Manager licenses.


End customer:  Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG)
Client: EBS Lights
Concept Design: EBS Lights, LOOP LIGHT, Matt Finke, Alex Doss
Lead Programming On Site: Philipp Schauer, Timo Weinhold


Sample Equipment List

  • 8x coolux Pandoras Box PRO Server
  • 14x coolux Pandoras Box Player STD
  • 4x Pandoras Box Manager
  • Barco HD20 (main location)
  • PANASONIC PT-DZ6000 (Walkthrough+360° cinema)
  • PANASONIC PT-DZ12000 (Walkthrough+360° cinema)