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coolux : autosymphonic

Mannheim celebrated the 125th anniversary of the invention of the automobile with a spectacular multimedia show. 

On the tenth of September 2011, the city of Mannheim celebrated the 125th anniversary of the invention of the modern automobile by Carl Benz, with a spectacular multimedia show called „autosymphonic“.



This epic concept combined different styles of live music, a full symphony orchestra, 80 cars being used as instruments on stage, water fountains and architectural projections onto a local landmark – the Mannheim water tower. The result was a night to remember for an audience of 17.000 – both in terms of the quality of performers and the sheer scale of this demanding mammoth project.

coolux Pandoras Box products were used for the beamer and LED feeds in addition to being used for the architectural projection that made the Mannheim water tower come alive.



LOOP LIGHT employed four Pandoras Box PRO Server systems in conjunction with the coolux Widget Designer PRO software to create the projections.

Two Pandoras Box Managers were triggered via the Widget Designer to synch the running systems. One challenging aspect of this particular part of the autosymphonic project was the warping, that did not just use four Barco R22 projectors, but had to integrate four additional 10.000 ANSI Lumen projectors as a backup solution.



Sample equipment list

  • 8 x coolux Pandoras Box DUAL Server PRO (including 4 backup servers)
  • 2 x coolux Pandoras Box Manager Software
  • 1 x coolux Widget Designer PRO
  • 4 x Barco R22 projectors



  • Artistic Director: Horst Hamann
  • Music Director/Composer: Marios Joannou Elia
  • Production: m:con - mannheim:congress GmbH
  • Production Management: Christina Guth, Jens Diefenbach
  • Technical Management Light & Video: EBS Lights GmbH
  • Pandoras Box programmer on site: Matt Finke (LOOP LIGHT)
  • System technician & Wysiwyg: Timo Weinhold (LOOP LIGHT)
  • Water tower 3D modelling and warping: Wadim Wall (LOOP LIGHT)