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Chilefilms: MediorNet

Chilefilms just recently installed the first Riedel MediorNet broadcast system in Latin America.

Chilefilms is one of the largest broadcast, post production, digital intermediate and film lab services in Latin America. To establish a network for distributing video and audio signals between different studio locations, Chilefilms decided to install a MediorNet backbone solution at their studio complex in Santiago de Chile. Riedel delivered a system that combines the various studios, the director room and the post production of the Chilefilms studio complex into one single integrated network.


Controlroom at Chilefilms


The MediorNet system is equipped with four MediorNet MN-HDP-6-IO video cards for a total of 12 bi-directional HD video links. The HDP-6-IO includes additional processing power for features such as a Quad Split or Format Converters. This processing power is available as a system-wide network resource. Two MediorNet breakout panels integrate analog 4-wire signals into the network. As the existing Artist installation is integrated into the MediorNet network, Artist control panels can be directly connected to the MediorNet mainframes.


MediorNet at Chilefilms


MediorNet is a fiber based transport solution for 3G HD-SDI video, audio, communications and data signals. It is just not designed for simple point-to-point links but offers a real network solution. This includes signal routing allowing the user to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs by just a mouse-click or, even more conveniently, by a router control system. MediorNet also includes broadcast-quality processing and conversion on board. These features are software-based so they can easily be expanded in the future without any changes to the hardware.


"MediorNet helps us tremendously. The amount of effort and time in distributing signals, especially in regards to changes in setup and configuration is significantly reduced. In the past, changing details of the system always meant installing a new cabling infrastructure.

With MediorNet this is now a thing of the past. Plus the ability to distribute various different signals over one infrastructure is really a great advantage", said Stefano Levera, Technical Director at Chilefilms.


The MediorNet installation complements the Riedel Artist intercom system that is already at Chilefilms. A total of four OB trucks plus the studio complex are equipped with Riedel communications systems – including an Acrobat wireless intercom system.