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Chain Master's New Catalogue

At Prolight+Sound 2008 ChainMaster celebrates the 15th fair jubilee - not only with the new catalogue ...

At this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, ChainMaster will be celebrating its 15th trade fair jubilee. For this reason, ChainMaster has increased the size of its booth with the addition of a 40-square-metre gallery that will serve as a “Meet and Greet” area.

It was 15 years ago that the Saxon company developed the first chain-hoist controller to be tested and approved by the German trade association with liability for industrial safety and insurance. As a product name, the developers chose the term “ChainMaster”, which later became the name of the entire company and a synonym for high quality chain hoists “Made in Germany.”

ChainMaster has at its disposal a worldwide network of professional partners for service, distribution and the realization of complex projects such as Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Kremlin State Palace and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Among other themes Chainmaster's new brochure contains the XYZ controller which was previously undocumented in the catalogue and a number of new chain hoists conforming to the BGV-D8 code of practice .

The Eilenburg-based company has already brought its website up to speed with these and other developments. In the downloadsection, for example, you can find the newly revised collection of icons that customers can use to specify the exact chain-hoist configurations they desire. An online form for direct enquiries is available, too.

ChainMaster has been producing chain hoists and controllers for theatrical and show stages since 1990, references including the Pentagon Museum, the Kremlin and the international tours of acts like Metallica, Paul McCartney and U2. The Saxony-based firm is now one of the leading suppliers of chain hoists and chain-hoist controllers in the world. Among ChainMaster’s greatest successes has been the development of the VarioLift. As the new products multiply, the company, too, is expanding to meet increasing demand. Currently it employs some 20 workers in its own hi-tech production facility in Eilenburg. As well as developing a powerful distribution network inside Germany, ChainMaster has been particularly successful in the export market, exports currently accounting for around 60 per cent of the company’s turnover.