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cast ARCstage II – An Ongoing Success Story

ARCstage II, cast’s efficient and cost-effective stage roofing system, has been further advanced and features the benefits from a an ever growing ARCstage community.

Since the beginning of the 90s, cast has been one of the main Prolyte distribution partners in Europe. During this time, the stage technology pros developed ARTstage II in collaboration with their customers.



All the trusses in this line, including curved segments, are made of Prolyte H30V material and are combined with box corners from the same series. The only special element for holding the individual arched segments is a stainless steel bracket which - like the tarpaulins, gauzes, detachable piping rails, tie-bars and diagonals – is produced at the cast location in Hagen.



Having their own in-house production facilities makes cast independent of external contractors. As a result, stage roofing can be delivered within the shortest possible time.
The arched roof functions without any rope systems or diagonal bracing at the corners. This roofing system is available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes now range from 6 x 4 m up to 10 x 8 m. Further options that can be installed include sound wings, cantilevers or the cast detarping system. The stage roof is a modular structure where both the size and the height are concerned.





One of the main advantages is that the arched segments are always the same and are only supplemented by the relevant extension elements to achieve the required width. No matter whether the stage roof has fixed uprights, MPT towers or a Layher deck, the appropriate test log books are provided for all construction sizes.



cast ARCstage II has been further advanced in recent years and two additional versions added to the range. The “HT” version is intended for an eave height of five meters and more, whereas the “XT” version is for construction sizes of up to 10 x 11 meters.


Jens Kannacher from the cast team: “ARCstage II is probably the most efficient and cost-effective stage roofing system on the market. It needs practically no special parts.

The stage roof is really serviceable, and hardly any capital is tied up during the winter months because most of the components can be used for other purposes. We are pleased and proud to have developed this roofing system jointly with our customers – not to forget numerous other special constructions which are being advanced all the time.

Our stage roofs are all compatible with each other. It’s great to experience how customers throughout Germany are helping each other by lending out tarps, gauzes or entire stage roofs. We are really delighted with our ‘ARCstage community’. We rise to any challenge - even the delivery of a complete stage roof with all accessories within 24 hours is possible – an order we succeeded with only recently. But why not see for yourself!”