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Award for Coolux

Live Design Magazine has named the coolux Pandoras Box Sensor Link "Projection Project of the Year".

Live Design Magazine has recently announced its 2010-2011 Projection Products of the Year, which are chosen by a panel of prestigious projection designers and programmers. The coolux Pandoras Box Sensor Link was named the Projection Project of the Year in the Accessory category.



With the Sensor Link, coolux provides a unique highspeed sensor interface that is designed for accurate screen tracking applications. The Sensor Link allows users to interact with industrial encoders, distometers as well as analog potentiometers and contact closures.



Users can easily setup screen tracking and interaction scenarios via the graphical programming interface of the coolux Widget Designer PRO. The Widget Designer PRO easily integrates the Sensor Link through its visual node environment.

Even those who are no programming specialists now have the opportunity to work creatively with highspeed sensors, to make their projects become a successful reality.

Live Design: Projection Products of the Year