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Authentic Sound Space

At the Romanticum in Koblenz, Germany visitors experience IOSONO 3D sound.

On June 20, 2013 a new tourist attraction in Koblenz, Germany has opened its doors to the public, treating visitors with fascinating 360-degree IOSONO 3D sound. By bringing together history, culture and arts the Romanticum will take guests on a historic journey through the Rhine valley, telling about the river and its legends with state-of-the-art sound technology. 



The exhibition covers 800 square meters and is divided into several areas, letting visitors go on deck of an old steam boat, enjoy the salon or discover the storage room. Next to the video displays the visitor experience is rounded off by a special sound concept realized by TAUCHER Sound Environments, Berlin. The goal was to recreate the environment of a boat trip – with seagulls crying in the sky, church bells ringing in the distance or a sudden cloudburst on deck. 


"The challenge we faced was to create a spatial and emotional sound concept that goes hand in hand with the visual information the visitors are taking in. With IOSONO's audio processing and positioning technology we were able to create a detailed and authentic sound space," says Aleesa Savtchenko, Creative Director and CEO of TAUCHER Sound Environments.


IOSONO's audio processor is rendering playback for the 64 speakers used in the exhibition. All rooms are equipped with ceiling speakers, guaranteeing a realistic sound experience.


"The Romanticum vividly conveys the region's culture and history and we're sure visitors will enjoy the three-dimensional sound trip to the Rhine Valley," says Olaf Stepputat, CEO of IOSONO.


The exhibition, conceptualized and realized by studio klv, is expected to draw 140,000 visitors.