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Artist plus Acrobat

STB Ukraine equipped its ten camera HD OB truck with systems from Riedel Communications.

Riedel installed a communications system combining wired Artist digital matrix intercom with wireless Acrobat intercom technology. Responsible for the installation was the systems integrator TVC, UAB Televizijos ir ryšio sistemos, Šiauliai, Lithuania.



To equip their new OB truck STB Ukraine, one of the largest Ukrainian broadcast networks, decided to install a comprehensive Artist digital matrix intercom system that also offers the integration of the OB truck's Acrobat installation. Eight Artist 2000 series and six Artist 5000 series desktop control panels provide the needed communications ports. Artist intercom matrices can be easily expanded to up to 1,024x1,024 non-blocking ports. Their fully redundant concept offers maximum reliability.


"For our truck we wanted both maximum stability and flexibility. With the combination of Artist and Acrobat technology we have the best of both worlds. Artist renowned system stability and the flexible use of Acrobats wireless technology," said Ruslan Polizchuk, technical director.


An additional Riedel Acrobat installation is completing the setup. Acrobat provides full-duplex wireless VoIP-over-DECT communications. It features a license-free, cellular architecture with seamless hand-over between cells, allowing each Acrobat Wireless Beltpack to continuously monitor and automatically select the best connection to the Acrobat Cell Controller.



Furthermore, Acrobat does not interfere with IEMs or wireless microphones and therefore provides a perfect solution for broadcast and live applications. A total of ten Acrobat beltpacks are used in the OB truck. The truck is already installed and in use.