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Abu Dhabi: RTS/TELEX Installation at Twofour54

One year after their commissioning, media specialist twofour54 has given a
positive interim assessment
of its new RTS/TELEX systems. 

The lavish installation features ADAM and Cronus matrices, RVON technology, BTR800 wireless intercoms and a variety of KP32 series keypanels. The first RTS/TELEX systems were installed in the studio complex of media giant twofour54 in 2009, with an extensive upgrade following in the spring of 2010. Almost a year since the lavish and complex installation, the Abu Dhabi-based media enterprise is extremely satisfied with its investment, the concept of fully-networking its studios having proved a sound one in practice.



The system integration was a complex undertaking: in addition to the four fully equipped HD television studios, twenty-two versatile HD post-production suites – for video editing, music production and graphics work – had to be included in the network. The nerve centre of the network is made up of intercom systems from RTS/TELEX. Each studio, for example, is equipped with digital matrices (whether ADAM or Cronus), wireless RadioCom and IFB systems, keypanels from the KP32 and KP12 series from RTS and RVON VoIP interfaces as well as two-wire intercom systems.

With this set-up, not only are the technicians of the multimedia giant united in a seamless internal network but they retain as well the option of connecting to the outside world – such as, for example, with collaborating TV and radio stations.


ADAM digital matrices


After just under a year of the system in day-to-day use, the enormous utility of its VoIP and trunking technology has become increasingly evident: "Admittedly we use the intercom systems in each studio autonomously, but we wanted also to bring all the studios together beneath a single network umbrella. RTS/TELEX's sophisticated technology played a key role in helping us to achieve this objective," reports Rene Manneck of Sony Professional Solution Middle East.

"We are highly satisfied with the results, not only because of the excellent performance and reliability of the equipment but also because of its modularity. We had relied from the start on RTS/TELEX and could see no good reason to depart from this strategy when we came to upgrade our equipment. We were right, too, as expanding the system proved to be extremely simple."



"The twofour54 installation is an excellent example of the advantages trunking affords," adds RTS/TELEX CCS Regional Sales Manager Middle East Ammar Fawzy: "Trunking makes it possible to network two or more matrices in different locations. Whilst these can also be operated in a modular fashion, trunking makes possible seamless communication between the matrices in real time.

Local system settings remain autonomous and are therefore not disturbed by the networking. RVON connects all the systems via IP. This makes it possible in an installation such as twofour54's to unite effortlessly the systems in the individual studios to create a large complex."

"RTS/TELEX is without question one of the top intercom manufacturers," affirms Manneck. "The simplicity and user-friendliness of its programming software for intercom and VoIP connections is exemplary. Meanwhile innovations such as the development of a MADI card with up to 64 inputs and outputs bring further advantages and simplify cabling. Furthermore, the support offered is invariably outstanding."


KP-32 Keypanels


Equipment list (extract)
•    RTS ADAM matrix system
•    RTS Cronus matrix system
•    RTS TW RadioCom BTR 800 wireless system
•    RTS Trunkmaster supervisory system
•    RTS KP-32 (32-position keypanel)
•    RTS KP-612 (12-position rackmount keypanel)
•    RTS KP-12 (modular keypanel)

About twofour54
Taking its unusual name from the geographical coordinates of its base in Abu Dhabi – 24° North; 54° East – twofour54 productions has enriched the media scene in the Middle East and North Africa with the broad spectrum of services it offers. A media specialist, the enterprise offers new possibilities in the field of content creation across all platforms including film, broadcasting, music, digital media, events, gaming and publishing. Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified staff and in-house training centre, the young company has already made a tremendous impact in the region.